MejorSet has the necessary experience in the construction of sports spaces (sports halls, clubs, private facilities …) We execute all the works planned for the conditioning of your space with the utmost seriousness and total guarantee.

We have our own team of professionals when planning the construction of your facilities, engineers and architects, as well as managers and qualified officials in civil sports work.

In cases where the client requires it, we work with experienced and fully trusted unions that we coordinate to provide a complete service to our clients.

A good civil work is the base of your facilities.

  • Concrete screeds (Tiled or Porous) for Padel Courts.
  • Construction of padel courts of any surface.
  • Conversion of tennis courts to padel courts.
  • Sports / multisport tracks.
  • Indoor soccer / handball / volleyball courts.

Frequent questions

What type of pavement is better concrete or porous concrete?

The two two pavements are good, but each one will adapt better to the environment and conditions of its type of installation, we give two examples:
– Ahem. 1, Outdoor environment on open ground with no nearby paving. BestSet would project a frated flooring with a lateral slope of 0.8% for rainwater evacuation, a perfect option for durability, price and speed.
– Ahem. 2, Outdoor environment on land surrounded by adjoining areas completely level or that do not allow us to collect rainwater. BestSet would project a porous concrete floor where we maintain the planimetry and height of the entire attached area and the perfect collection of rainwater by draining the porous surface and evacuating the collectors.

How thick should the padel court foundation be?

We can divide the foundation into two games, perimeter band (where we will anchor the structure) and screed (play area or annexes around it).
– The strap where we must anchor the structure of the court must not have dimensions less than 30x30cm. (recommended 40x40cm) and the appropriate concrete for foundations (HM-25 / 20MM) with its corresponding reinforcement.
– The screed (play area and / or attached areas) must have between 12 and 15 cm of concrete and its corresponding reinforcement.

Is the planimetry of my screed important?

The planimetry of the screed is one of the points to take into account, it must be a completely homogeneous surface without potholes or holes as this will affect 3 important points of its installation.

  • Problems in the installation of the structure and glass.
  • Problems in the evacuation of rainwater and the formation of puddles.
  • Problems in the correct game causing the bad bounce of the ball.
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