The passion for paddle dresses in red in Finland

The Billebeino club, which has just opened its doors in Helsinki, has released six courts installed by MejorSet equipped with Mondo Supercourt grass. This Nordic country already has more than 15,000 paddle tennis players and enthusiasm does not stop increasing.

Padel is growing exponentially in Finland and fans of this sport have just received great news: on September 1, the club and Billebeino padel training center. This facility has six courts installed by MejorSet and all are equipped with Mondo Supercourt grass in a special color: pure red.

Padel court at the Helsinki club Billebeino

The club has opened with some first-class tracks: Billebino has two full panoramic tracks fromMejorSet-without structural elements in the glass areas- and four from the Nordik model, designed with unique pieces without joining or welding. The Mondo Supercourt grass installed in all of them is specially designed for paddle and offers excellent stability, comfort, safety, traction and bounce of the ball. With the red grass and black stripes, the installation fits perfectly with the club’s corporate colors.

Padel court at the Billebeino club in Helsinki
Padel court at the Billebeino club in Helsinki

Billebeino Padel is powered by Ville Leino, former NHL hockey player, founder of the Billebeino clothing brand and a paddle enthusiast. The philosophy of this new club is to unite paddle, art and street fashion to build a lifestyle around this sport.

Paddle in Finland

The popularization of this sport in Finland has its own name: Sisko Anneli “Piukku” Kopiloff. This former javelin thrower brought padel to her country in 2003, after discovering it while living in Spain. She trained in Barcelona and became a professional coach. My Spanish friends told me that they wanted to come to Finland to play paddle some day. I said there were unfortunately no leads, so they suggested that I build one, ” Kopiloff in an interview recalled. And she did. Since then she has not stopped teaching and promoting it in Finnish lands.

Almost two decades later, Finland has more than 160 paddle courts and 15,000 players. The final takeoff has been taking place in recent years: according to the estimates of the Finnish Padel Association , a by the end of 2022, it will be possible to play in a hundred clubs and sports facilities. They are not lacking in enthusiasm and commitment: on September 12 they celebrated the Padel Day in Finland.


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