MejorSet, maintenance of padel courts at national level, also offering decompaction and tuning of the artificial grass of the padel courts, tennis courts for clubs, neighborhood communities or individuals.

Today the philosophy in the world of padel is that there is no need to maintain the padel courts, you have to change the artificial grass every three or four years, since it compacts and can give the impression that there is no grass left, it slips Much, with the consequent complaints and injuries of the players, asking for the change of the carpet, with the unnecessary unforeseen investment, of having to change it by the club or community.

It is true that this trend of not doing maintenance on padel courts is changing and more and more customers are joining to have their padel courts in perfect condition.
MejorSet offers you the possibility of re-releasing your tracks, recovering it and with scheduled maintenance, avoiding the unnecessary expense of changing the lawn in more than 10 years, thanks to the confidence and security of our work.

Entrust us with the maintenance of your padel courts and your tranquility, like that of many clubs and communities today, will be our main objective.

Frequent questions

Why do maintenance of your padel courts?

  1. Do you have the grass of your padel courts COMPACTED in the serve and volleyball areas?
  2. Do you have the feeling that there is NO HAIR LEFT on the track?
  3. Do players complain about SLIPPING and are at risk of INJURY?
  4. Having problems with DRAIN? Does the track take a long time to dry?
  5. Do you have areas with MOLD and humidity because it is not in the sun?
  6. Do you think you should CHANGE your lawn every three to four years?
  7. Would you like to SAVE that unforeseen expense and not out of balance the club’s annual budget?
  8. Would you like to attract NEW PARTNERS? Nowadays players are looking for the best tracks.
  9. The SATISFACTION of our clients, give us credibility in the work.
  10. Would you like to have your turf grass guaranteed for more than 10 years?

What maintenance and care should I take on my new lawn?

Once the artificial grass has been laid, the settling period of the ballast sand is about 5-6 weeks, during which it stabilizes until reaching the optimum level on the playing surface.

To shorten this period, it is recommended to daily brush the surface combined with a subsequent irrigation (very important that it does not puddle and with VERY dispersed water)

It is recommended that 2-3 months after commissioning proceed to spread an additional quantity of ballast sand.

Once the artificial grass has settled, a sweep should be carried out periodically.

Brushing has three objectives:

  • maintain uniform distribution of sand over the entire surface
  • ensure the verticality of the fiber and eliminate waste, leaves, etc.
  • thus providing a better ball bounce, an optimal glide of the athlete and a longer duration of the surface.

It is advisable to water, especially in times with excessive heat.

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