We design, manufacture and install covers for sports facilities. We specialize in padel tents, but we manufacture custom tents for any type of pavilion or sports facility.

We offer rental and sale service. Below you can see a selection of our works of fences and tents for sports facilities.

Why a tent?

Assembly and disassembly flexibility

Being a prefabricated structure, the assembly and disassembly of the tent is carried out in a minimum time, reducing the impact with the activity of the enclosure.

Does not consume buildable

Being well movable, it saves us the amount of projects and licenses that traditional construction works require. For this same reason, this type of roof does not consume buildable.

Sizes and possibility of expansion

The diversity of tent sizes allows to cover different track layouts. Furthermore, as it is a modular structure, it can be extended longitudinally to cover new tracks. These extensions are cheaper since only intermediate sections must be purchased.

Removable cover and enclosure

The enclosure and the cover are made of PVC canvas. They can be easily removed and replaced.

Customized solutions

In MejorSet we make a study of your project in a personalized way to adapt it to your needs, always taking into account compliance with the corresponding regulations and the regulations of the Spanish Padel Federation.

Variety of options

We have several options to cover your slopes: Tent gable or polygonal models, translucent, opaque, transparent tarpaulins, colors, special closings, doors and accesses to measure.

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