PROUD OF OUR WORK We present the latest projects carried out around the world.

Our dedication and effort are aimed at creating high-quality personalized facilities for the creation of large indoor and outdoor clubs such as city hall tracks, private courts, in resorts and hotels, private residences, etc.

10 Full Panoramic

  • Full Panoramic courts
  • Proffesional net with logo printed
  • New gold led lighting.
  • Special protection design.

1 Full Panoramic

  • Outdoor court with custom finishes.
  • Professional net with logo.
  • New Led lighting Gold.
  • Neon green paint.

6 Full Panoramic Portable

  • Bille Beino Padel X Hartwall Arena is the new Nordic Padel sanctuary.
  • Mondo turf Supercourt red.
  • Lighting Gold.
  • Portable courts system.

5 Full Panoramic

  • Pharaonic project that includes Padel courts, football pitch, fitness, shops, …
  • The largest Padel club built in a desert.
  • Latest technology in Mondo, lighting, air conditioning.

2 Full Panoramic

  • Fully integrated into nature thanks to the pillarless glass system
  • Mondo Turf
  • Perfect for Hotels

4 V-Pro courts

  • Idyllic location in the best beach area of ​​Barcelona
  • Mondo Supercourt blue
  • Personalized club logo

2 V-Pro

  • V-Pro courts
  • Mondo turf
  • Black and yellow painting

2 Full Panoramic

  • Mondo Turf
  • Special client colors
  • Personalised client logo

2 Full Panoramic - 4 Nordik

  • Mondo Supercourt Turf Red, first time in the world.
  • Special client colors in red Ferrari and matt black.
  • Personalised client logo on carpet
  • Audio system on courts, personalised by court and players
  • Luxury carpet

2 Full Panoramic

  • Mondo Turf
  • Special client colors
  • Personalised client logo
  • Idyllic location


  • Mondo Supercourt
  • Personalized logo on courts
  • Lighting lamp post and roof system
  • Large metal panel backlight club logo


  • Mondo Supercourt
  • Led lighting on entrance court plate
  • Luxury finish hall, carpet and entrance
  • All available courts models are on this club/showroom

3 Full Panoramic

  • Mondo Turf
  • Special client colors
  • Personalized client logo
  • Olympic village court

1 Full Panoramic Portable

  • Portable court system
  • Custom colors
  • Luxury red carpet

3 Full Panoramic

  • Mondo STX SUPERCOURT turf
  • Customized structure details
  • Exterior decoration


  • Custom carbon abutments with customer logo
  • Custom protections
  • Top quality baked paint

2 Full Panoramic

  • Mondo turf
  • Custom protections
  • Metal welcome plate with customer logo
  • Installation surrounded by nature with unbeatable views in one of the most beautiful places in Finland

4 Full Panoramic

  • Mondo Supercourt Turf
  • Custom protections
  • Exterior red carpet luxury
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